Privacy Policy

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The team of Printer Support Australia understands the importance of privacy, security, and protection of the data of the customers that they provide. If it is required then the partners use terms mentioned and set them to use accordingly. Being a worldwide established organization and leading service provider offers solutions with business processes, legal entities, and technical systems, where it tries to protect the operations easily. In addition, we also strive to deliver solutions and set the policies and procedures according to the changes in the technical support market.
With the given privacy policy, we help you understand about the ways we collect and apply your information. The mentioned information includes the data and information we collect from you during the online activities, use of devices, applying services, and other info was given to us for the purpose of getting technical solutions of our products and help to get support for any of given services. We as expert team recommend you to go through their privacy policy before you allow making the collection and use of your personal data sharing them.

Our Privacy Principles

Being a known technical service provider in this industry, we are committed to following the mentioned principles that are based on our elaborated frameworks as well as other experts of data and privacy protection:

  • While using data in a transparent and lawful way
  • Use of notice and preference of data
  • Data Access easily
  • Security of Data
  • Data Integration

How we Apply Customer’s Data?

While offering the services we recommend collecting and using your personal data when it is essential to manage as well as maintain your relationship with us and to serve you better in the future. By using your data and information we review the following points when we need:

  • Experiencing Customer
  • Transactional Support
  • Support for various brands
  • Communicating to Admin
  • security of Data
  • Research and Innovation
  •  Compliance with guidelines

If you need more information and help regarding the above information given then, contact the team of Printer Support Australia experts and follow the changes on our website.